Chapter Two – auditions

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Directed for West Coast Players Theatre by Kenn Green

Performance Dates: August 17-September 2, 2018
(rehearsals begin end of June)

Audition Dates: June 24th & 25th

Actors will complete cold readings from the script. 

Time: 7PM

Venue: West Coast Players Theatre

Chapter Two is widely perceived to be an autobiographical revelation of Neil Simon’s coming to terms with the death of his first wife, followed by his love affair and subsequent marriage to actress Marsha Mason.

This very funny but poignant play is based around four brilliantly penned characters: George Schneider, a mourning writer; Jenny Malone, a levelheaded actress; Leo, George’s garrulous but loving brother; and Faye, Jenny’s utterly clueless but enchanting friend.

George has not moved on from the untimely demise of his wife, despite Leo’s best efforts to hook him up with other women. Then he meets Jenny, who’s just walked out of a terrible marriage to a football player, and in a very short space of time they’re in love. But George’s memories catch up with him and he soon finds himself trapped between the past and the present, and the new relationship starts to crumble. Can he reconcile his past and move forward with Jenny, a sentimental woman with a strong head on her shoulders? Do they give up or work things out?

Although it seems like a heavy subject to deal with, Simon’s wonderful narrative and witty and humorous dialogue makes Chapter Two an immensely likeable piece. In George and Jenny, he shows us complexity and simplicity. In Leo and Faye, he presents us with two of the most confused yet adorable characters that we connect with right from the word go.

The play was nominated for the 1978 Tony Award for Best Play, and is considered one of Neil Simon’s finest works. In 1979, Chapter Two was released as a film, directed by Robert Moore and starring James Caan and Simon’s then-wife Marsha Mason, on whom the character of Jennie was based.

Cast of Characters:

George Schneider (40-55)
Leo Schneider (30-45)
Jennie Malone (30 – 45)
Faye Medwick (20 – 35)

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