Community Outreach

As WCP grows as an organization we feel that community outreach will play an increasingly important role. Not only to create awareness for our theatre and the arts but to find ways to practically give back to the community in Pinellas County.


The Outreach Committee is activating the WCP on Wheels program to take entertainment into places where people find it difficult to go to a theatre to see a show live…..retirement homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and schools. The committee continues to seek these needs and if anyone is aware of a place that could benefit from the WCP on Wheels program, please email and let us know at



We feel that some of the most substantial ways we can improve our community is by strengthening bonds with other non-profits, providing access to critical arts education that has been eliminated in the school systems, and literally bringing the arts to those in our community who, through physical limitation, are not able to enjoy the richness of the theatrical experience.