It Runs in the Family

It Runs in the Family, by Ray Cooney
Directed by Jessica Burchfield
Produced by Jason Freeman
August 4-20, 2017
A hilarious case of mistaken identity, misfortune, and misbehavior in the doctor’s quarters of a busy London area hospital, It Runs in the Family contains the usual assortment of farcical nuts running in and out of doors mistaking everybody for everyone else. A paternity suit, an ex wife, a punkish son, a syringe-happy matron, and various other lunatics color the fast-moving, side-splitting show from beginning to end.
Debbie Burridge
Romero Capano
Emily Day
Kenn Green
Bill Harber
Jill Finlayson
Trish Keating
Mark Myers
Rosalyn Savel
Griffin Spriggs
Dean Wick
Noel Wood